Jenny & Tyler came to Trinity. Double woot. The Gray Havens were also excellent. My highlights include:

1. Walking into the ArCC for senior seminar and hearing Jenny & Tyler warming up in the theater. This is real life.

2. Sitting in the upstairs hallway (listening to Bakker tell us long stories about his past) and seeing Jenny and Tyler come out of the green room every so often, eating dinner, etc. That sounds really creepy once you write it out.

3. Sitting in the balcony with Vern, Lindsay, and Kathryn and Jenny sits two seats away from me to listen to the Gray Havens set. There is no photo evidence of this because Vern and I agreed that would have been an awkward photo to take.

4. When The Gray Havens came up after their set, walked by Vern and I, gave us a head nod, and asked “How are you doing?” …How do I respond? How do I respond? Answer: ”You guys sounded great.”

5. Winning a free CD signed by Cindy Morgan because Ally Otto and Laurel pointed out to me which seat the white stress ball-cube-thing was located under. (They taped nine different ones under random seats in the theater and I ripped if off before Mark Dean could get to it. #winning)

6. Getting my picture with taken with Jenny and Tyler. I only had to linger awkwardly near them for a bit before I mustered up the courage to ask.

7. Talking to Licia of the Gray Havens about their album artwork. Gotta love design, the one thing I’m able to use to carry on a conversation with someone.

It was a great night of music. I’m glad both bands took the time to come out after the show and talk with us. Thank-you Troy, Under the Radar, and everyone else who were able to bring these two bands to Trinity. I greatly appreciated it.